Tell me what you think about Better Than Boring to help make it better...than boring.
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How is Better Than Boring different than other podcasts you've listened to?

What episode was your least favorite? Why?

What episode was your favorite? Why?

What do you want to hear more of on Better Than Boring?

What other topics, stories, or ideas would you like to hear?

I mean, the show's name is Better Than Boring. The sky's the limit, and get as detailed as you want.
Are you interested in becoming more involved as a listener? If so, how?

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(I'll keep your info totally confidential, duh. You won't get any emails or phone calls you didn't ask for – from anyone...with the exception of Oprah and/or Stephen Colbert.)
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Feel free to even tell more about you, where you live, a link to your website or Instagram, whatever you want.
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